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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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commissioner harrison p sxhgd. councilmember zaph hearsay been excused absent. before we get starting bio today just a few reminder we ask you turn out of our electronic sounding devices and ask you take my secondary confidence outside and you will have two minutes >> how many people are here to testify or speak on general public comment. yeah. i think we'll do 12 manipulates per person >> we ask you fill out a blue card i'll call the cards in then each person will have two minutes to speak own each item
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today you can speak on general public comment if that item is not on the agenda we have a 15 minute limits on the first part of the meeting if you're unable to speak it will be continued to item 13 and please address our comments to the commission during the general public comment neither the commission nor the staff will respond to my comments in order to allow equal time the commission may ask the questions after the it is closed. with that, we'll go to item 2 which is the presidents report >> very briefing i want to congratulate the staff on the america's cup at the center we're advancing the cost of
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successor that put more demands on our fields let's he keep building successor fields and thank to tom heart and the golf shop for this enormous success in getting the pga championship and the president cups returning in 20025 i hope people appreciate the pga championship is one of the big four that will give harding a big boost in remuneration for all those involved a tip of the hat it was
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really a good job remarkable. that concludes my report. and is there anyone who wants to make general public comment on the president report seeing none, public comment is closed >> item 3 general manager report. >> i'll try to hopeful as quickly as of those i can we have recognize for special people gathered in the back if uniform. i want to start with an update on the drought. so i want to give you an workshop on the conservation efforts in light of the drought we have a difficult job to do in those circumstances our responsibility it absolutely to participate we're the single largest municipal water yourself question have a responsibility
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to participate we have to do so while keeping in mind protecting our living things in the system it's a dedicate balance our department has an 18 percent reduction over the last 18 years through a variety of strategies most significantly oversight and discipline by staff and partnerships with the puc on replacing our irrigation systems and >> synthetic soccer systems additional is a variety of reasons we're here by clearly in light of the drought so in the past few months we've issued to staff very detailed derivatives
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and scald all irrigation run times by 10 percent we've continued to work with our partners at the public utilities commission at the gerp golden gate park and lincoln park and purchased something called pdr pg&e technology h that allows us to measure water contestant we've prioritizing all repairs of irrigation issues we're moving forward with the puc replacing our systems next up is the irrigation system at the element park as commissioner president buell alluded to with the demand of soccer increasing our synthetic turf they reduce water and the synthetic project
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projected to save 4 million gallons of water every year we've contributed $100,000 for installing the low flow fixtures it's one of the areas where we can improve the most it required a significant exam investment but many of our stand alone restrooms are old and rely on more water than needed. and lastly we think it have upgraded shaping and the public utilities commission has asked to up workshop those and we'll keep you posted we're planning some additional measures to marry we are helping lead the way in the city's conservation efforts. on a more upbeat to missouri
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note that month is is national recreation and park commission month when we they an opportunity to highlight our report here in san francisco we mark the most search warrant with just a ton of great events that demonstrates the wide array of the things encouraging people to get out including our last summer with the annual rec talent competition going on now area daytime exams and taking park from the social media challenge take one indoor and post it on feedback or twitter with july out is in you'll see
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that all over a variety of national parks and tweeter feeds learn more on were you website at so the world cup final between argentina and germany was not only american people amazing game but custodial midnight a month of viewing parties that are that a tremendous success crowd estimates were between 15 and 20 thousand people gartd if the civic center the crowds have been tremendous and commissioner president buell says its not only a testament to our country but we've done a great job in building a series of the events i comment because i want to thank several members of the our
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team mostly lisa she railway likes credit by the way, she has now about 22 months to catch her breath before we focus on the women coming to town in 2016 are 2015 not two years but next year right >> but this is a team effort and i also want to thank our public affairs director sarah our park patrolling patrol bob and all the staff that were out there everyday and bob and our supervisors and caesar for their huge undertaking we were able to
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raise a significant amount of money not only to cover the cost but to support the americans bay area and thank you for the entire organization for their continued sports has been a tremendous partner and any of the precedes we've raised are going toward the association program to continue to activate the caesar center through american bringing skills it's an amazing projecting program i want to highlight our last summer at the stick we're not kidding. this past weekend some of the biggest names in football come out a play games at candle stick
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park joe montana and i believe there was other things the san francisco police department beat the fire department they have to serve members to the members of the san francisco police department in an upcoming event on august 3rd we'll be hosting a free house at the stick clurd carn value rides and fields activities with the san francisco giants and warriors participants b will get on the field and take pictures and bid a goodbye this is a free activity and we encourage all our 94124 neighbors to please
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come you've been gracious and have been inconveniented and the event it free you requires a ticket for admission on you can log into the website for more information. we've been talking about summer but not two earlier for fall our fall recreation bins saturday august 2nd at 10110 a.m. or on line you can log on to and log onto that and get jogging classes and arts and programs for a seniors we'll move from the summer as we speak
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into fall programming with over 14 hundred programs and just a few short days this year's the 3 day festival will kickoff on friday august 8th featuring connecticut i can't west and tomato petting i didn't and the heartbreakers the killers and the acidic and the flaming lips our personal favorite. another (laughter) elton wrote that not me >> (laughter). you folks in outside land and other entertainment have provided our department with this year it will be merely $2 million no support the programs log onto sf programs
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day. two there parking spaces have ochtd more small business in district 6 and we're pleased to report we've opened with the office of economic workforce development and the department of public works those items were before you a dog park and creating they're part of a multi agree on los angeles police department that was previously occupied by the freeway structure in paifrp partnership r with supervisor kim and the department of real estate and the county transportation agency and others we're thrilled to have small business for people and official opening in the near
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plaza is planned for early falls we'll keep you abreast of the time now i will conclude with two special recognize items for the first thing that's that's time for our department quarterly employee recognize. >> thank you good afternoon mr. ginsburg and i'm the human resources director for the department i'm proud and how should to be here to introduce jolene as the award employee recognize program joline started on may six 17997 and promoted up to the senior personal clerk and
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payroll clerk and has been the payroll manager for the recreation and park commission since 2002. this past april the recreation and park commission was one of the departments to convert 15 hundred employees to the new payroll program in order to do so we had to train one hundred and 40 supervisors i others yourselves this happened during the busiest he time of the year and when the payroll clerk we were down two payroll clerks joline effectively used all the system and joline dedicated herself no having few glitches and disruptions without jolene's
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efforts that would be disrupted did department and couldn't afford that so on behalf of the rules committee we want to thank her (clapping.) >> that's good. >> hey can we please before we
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precede i need everyone to take a seat. >> all right. i wanted to conclude the recognition portion there's two special individuals who won of whom has retired lewis are you here and lewis fong and bob ramos if you guys wouldn't mind step forward to the podium we talk about commissioners about the importance the park safety we were very fortunate and blessed to have more investment in the park control officers we can't do it alone we rely on the services the self-med and we're grateful to chief suhr and i
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wanted to recognize those two individuals lewis has retired you look great and bobby think your retiring shortly both gentlemen have worked tireless in golden gate park our largest park and the park will probably the most complex and challenging social issues so i'll start with lewis retiring from the san francisco police department since 152007 he was with the motorcycle unit to patrol golden gate park and in the 1980s it was pulled out of the park things thanks to the leadership of chief suhr when we saw vandal ifrm in the park the chief made
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the decision to bring him back to insure our gardeners and staff is protected from vandals and bob ramos who is accompanied here bob ramos joined the self-police department in the 81 and working in patrol and in 991 was on the tenderloin task force before we returned to richmond station he's devoted to keeping golden gate park safe for all to enjoy he's are earned silver and bruins metals and highly
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respected his enperiodic knowledge and serving for 32 years he calls it the best in the service and we call him the chief of chicken hill we've been blessed with the incredible commenting commitment so it's my honor to join you commissioner president buell in recommending them and martin having you have something to say and we have command tom who would like to make a couple of comments. >> thank you commander tom. >> good morning commissioner president buell and park commissioners i'm general manager i've had the honor to work with those gentlemen the 33
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years the commitment to work ethic and bob he's worked for 33 years the last 12 years at gerp offering services and keeping a safe t he starts his days at 4 in the morning and lewis i've known him but both of those guys have worked for 33 years for commitment to the city they've i joined the reserves so, now they're going to be patrolling for free. thank you mr. ginsburg for honoring those fine officers their truly san francisco's finest >> (clapping) >> and to officers fong and
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ramos on behalf of the commission and my fellow commissioners we can't thank you enough the parks are only as good as their remuneration to be safe and sclaen and that's due to you, we give you our hearty congratulations thanks (clapping). >> all right. get off the payroll; right? >> that's sounds good.
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>> 1, 2, 3. o one more 1, 2, 3. perfect, thank you. . >> i just want to say thank you very much i want to thank the rec and park supervisors that have done so much to help and the park ranchers thank you.
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i'm looking forward as a reserve overwhelming to go back into the park and work the same hours and details with the gardener that have gunning done a good job. >> bob said it all i want to thank mr. ginsburg for getting the third bike unit back into golden gate park that's where we are started 40 years ago it's good to help thank you, again to the park ranchers we do wing the secretary potholes are they back up us and we them thank you very much. >> i'll conclude with the short video this month of rec and
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park. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we come a long long way together. through the hard time and the good. i have to sorry about that i baby i have to praise you like i should. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we come a long long way together and the hard times and the good. i have to celebrate you, baby i have to praise you like i should i have to praise you. i have to praise you.
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i have to praise you. >> thank you elton that's july out is in happy rec and park and that guess so that concludes my general manager report. >> we're going to be going to general public comment and i'll read off the names i'm going to read a few and continue. (calling names). to start with, please. >> good morning, commissioners general manager mr. ginsburg i'm tom the proprietor of john eagles it's been my privilege to manage the land i want to thank
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you for your patience with the pouring of support i want to remind the members of the community you've been one of the great commissions for public golf and golfers we've seen in many, many decades. glen eagle has a rich history and folks stripped the first shots in 1962 pro tem a brand new beginning for that neighborhood internal revenue i think it's 52 year-old 38 developed one of the most challenging golf course and x mayors have played and cops and for all the lease holders over
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the past 52 years given giving time the current lease model is not useful the lease holder of the old property is too much for one inhibit to bear pipes are busting and limbs are snapping when the wind blows and the water prices have doubled in the last year and an additional 40 percent the puc go says that will double in 20 years we're looking for party and fairness it is a great resource we love managing it we put our hoults into that everyday and hope to contin